Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Scientists can be fun too!

If there is one thing most people know about me, it is that I am very rarely serious. However, when the time calls to be serious, I am capable of that too (even if on the inside I am giggling at something, most likely immature). So when searching for a blog that I would consider "gem worthy", I look for bloggers with personalities as bright as my own (not to toot my own horn of course). I gave many bloggers a fair chance, skimming them, looking for words that would grab my attention, even words that would grab the "scientific side" of me (most of the blogs I came across that grabbed my "scientific side" had too much depth and jargon, felt like I was reading another journal article). After a good while of searching for something I could relate too I finally came across some! (I stopped at 3). The first discovery I made was We, Beasties, shamefully enough it was their latest blog that snagged my attention "Is that a hypothalamus or are you just happy to see me?", my immaturity really shone through on that one... Once I dug a little deeper I found We,Beasties had a lot to offer, scientifically. Not to mention some posts that also please my sense of humor. The second discovery I made was On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess, this caught my attention when I read her information, she noted how her blog was the balance between being a mother and an awesome scientists, and how SOMETIMES she likes to throw in a little about shoes (what girl doesn't love shoes). I continued my search because I wasn't really impressed with how sciency the last one got. The Loom, my final discovery before I threw in the towel for the night. The Looms most recent post..."The ultimate case of TMI: Behold my bellybutton's microbiome". Microbiology was one of my favorite courses through out my college years, which is why this caught my eyeball, not to mention it was hilar! See for yourself:


  1. Kaila, I agree with you completely on searching for blogs that were funny (or immature) and not jargony. If its not funny or at least talking about something interesting to me, I tend to zone out and even though I'm reading it, I'm not really READING it.

    Also at the end of your post, you said "it was hilar". I hope you don't use that in real life. :p

  2. That hypothalamus post is very funny. Great cover.