Monday, January 24, 2011

Too Long...Too Nothing...Too Scientific

Upon my first journey through the various blogs available on-line I stumbled (another great invention to be used on the internet) upon the three things that made me turn away from blogs almost instantly. No surprise that these three things are in my title. Some were just too long with no pictures. Some just had nothing written in them (it was harder to stay awake reading some of the posts than making it through some lectures). The best of the worst had to be the too scientific making the posts seem oxymoronic. Blogs, in my opinion should be readable by any one, but some of the ones I came across would have been better written in a different (possibly original) language. However, I did come across a few great ones such as the The Digital Cuttlefish...which posts poetic verses normally with science themes...and Thoughtomics...which is written wonderfully with a good story (however it would be better if the posts were shorter). Check them out at the following links.
Post ya after awhile.

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